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Eji's Website The Missing Link
The Missing Link
My own illustration.... don't steal it!!

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In the midst of the eighties, there were many trends and fads.  Among them was the videogame craze.  Within that, a legend was born (the Legend of Zelda, duh), and to this day, the Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular phrases, known widely around the world and cherished by many.  There are a lot of people, like myself, who grew up on Zelda, but not just in the game form.  The comic book, published by Valiant, and the cartoon series featured in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, became parts of our lives, and even though we have grown up, we still long to see those reminders of our pasts once again.  Unfortunately, finding either one is about as easy as beating a four-headed gleeok with both hands tied behind your back, but don't fret, 'cuz I have some things that may just brighten your Link-filled day.

Why "The Missing Link"?

Link likes reading comics!
The Zelda Comic
Read old issues of the Valiant Zelda comic, page by page!   Right now this comic book is available online:
The Legend of Zelda No. 3-- The Power and The Price (by Valiant)
ready for another animated battle! The Zelda Cartoon

I'm still waiting/hoping for my tapes to come in...... so for now, there are only two cartoon clips.   Check back here soon!

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Disclaimer: Link, Zelda, and related names are copyrights of Nintendo and Nintendo of America, DiC, Valiant, and Shigeru Miyamoto.  All original artwork and webdesign is copyrighted 1999 Eji